Issues related to current agenda on, 'Put sticker on awarded wine bott…


Dear Mr./Mrs. Sir,

Firstly, I would like to wish your company success and continual future growth.
As the title above states the current issue of false labeling and hype advertising, some confusion occurred temporarily in relation to the distribution of wine and the quality control of wine. This is due to the regulations of the respective authorities concerned about the customs clearance of some imported wines and the labeling of the awarded wines from last year. The background behind this restriction presumably comes from the indiscreet behavior of domestic and foreign organizers without any business credibility.
The <Wine Review>, which has been hosted the Korean Wine Challenge(KWC) since 2005, has also indirectly delivered issues relating to this agenda. Fortunately, the authorities have acknowledged the real problem and revised the Implementing Regulations in Food Sanitation Law as of June 28th, 2018, as attached in the Appendix. The "award received in direct relation with the product” from the list in Article 8 (False labeling, Hype Advertisements, etc.) and Article 6 are excluded from the regulation.
With the intention of ‘evaluating the wine according to the taste of the Korean people’, KWC has the operation office in the monthly <Wine Review> from 2005. KWC has been selecting good quality wines and contributing to the market distribution by evaluating the quality of wine in the worldwide and domestic import industry every June, while suggesting a reasonable standard for customers’ wine choices.
In the early days, our evaluation team alone lacked experience and the expertise to properly evaluate the actual wine quality on an international scale, therefore five overseas experts were invited to our team to accommodate advanced techniques. Since our sommeliers and wine experts participated in the evaluation team gained experience thanks to the assistance from overseas and the award records from the international conventions started to be accumulated, we became better equipped with more knowledge and experience to operate conventions successfully on our own.
As a result, KWC has become the only wine quality evaluation body in Korea with an international reputation and high reliability of domestic consumers.
It is crucial to note that not even a single disgraceful scandal has been recorded in the past 14 years since the start of the convention, with 40 to 60 of Korea’s top wine experts leading the event each time.
Based on the above facts and data, we have informed you with the attached Appendix to resolve any of your suspicion when the issues of false labeling(Put stickers on Korea Wine Challenge awarded wines) problems occurred last time. We, KWC, promise that we will further contribute to the enhancement of Korean consumers and a more prestigious wine culture in the future.
1) 1 copy of the Article 8 of the Implementing Regulations in Food Sanitation Law(scope of false labeling, hype advertisement)