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KWC selects the best wines for the Korean palate

This year marked the 17th anniversary of Korea’s one and only International Wine Competition, known as the KOREA WINE CHALLENGE (KWC), hosted by the monthly magazine < Wine Review >. Under the slogan of ‘Selecting the best quality wines for the Korean palate to introduce the most trustworthy wines to customers’ KWC has made dedicated efforts to develop the Korean wine market over the past 16 years. KWC is, domestically, considered an unparalleled platform for identifying global trends in the wine industry, while being one of the useful indicators for overseas wineries to consider when preparing to enter the Korean market.

A total of over 700 wines from 16 countries were exhibited at the KWC 2020. A surprise entry was made from countries such as Morocco, Moldova, Germany, Austria, Greece, Canada, and South Africa with their distinctive wines in the competition. Despite the difficult times caused by COVID-19 pandemic, we managed to carry it out successfully last year. KWC remains fully operational this year and the registration starts on 1st March 2021. Entry samples and form must be submitted before the competition begins. The delivery deadline for samples is 17th June 2021.

The number of entries has kept increasing. We specially give thanks to domestic wine importers for entering into the spirit of things. As the most reputable international wine competition in Korea, KWC promise that we will keep trying to ensure the fair evaluation the event.

From June 21 to June 30, all of the wines that participated in this competition will be categorized by country of origin, varieties, blending ratio, oenology and price, but being evaluated through impartial and strictly monitored blind tasting. The competition adopted a 100-point scoring system in which a default score of 50 points was given to all wines entering the contest as a courtesy for the effort of sending a bottle of wine for the competition. The remaining 50 points were strictly and fairly allocated by the selected panel of judges in the following categories; 6 points for the ‘color and appearance’, 12 points for ‘aroma and bouquet’, 20 points for ‘flavor and finish’, and 12 points for ‘harmony and balance’.

We are confident that we will successfully complete this highly publicized international competition because the criteria and regulations of the judges were more strictly enforced for fair judgement. The judges for the KWC 2021 will consist of wine experts including practicing sommeliers working in close contact with the general public, and wine importers who actually import fine wines into Korea through carefully researching the preferences of the general population.

As for the KWC 2021’s awards, ‘Trophies’ will be given to the best wines in seven different categories: Red, White, Sparkling, Rose, Sweet, Ice wine, and Fortified. ‘Best of country’ awards, equally prestigious to a trophy, are chosen from wines scoring over 94 points. ‘Best of country’ accolade bestowed to 9 Best Reds and 1 Best White from countries of great contribution last year.

From a total of 704 entries at the KWC 2020, 7 ‘Trophies’ and 10 ‘Best of Countries’ were awarded as well as 92 Gold Medals, 183 Silver Medals, and 90 Bronze Medals. These highly verified wines will open up a whole new vista on Korean wine market. One of key objectives of this event is to increase awareness to wine seeking distributions in Korea and understanding for the awards-winning wines which combine quality and value. Achieving an award in our competition is, therefore, in itself a major feat.

Finally, your participation in KWC 2021 would be greatly appreciated. We look forward to helping you further extend your position in Korean wine market.


Min Seok Kyung Hyo Seok Ko Yong Kim Si Bo Kim
In Gyu Kim Ju Yong Kim Jin Yong Kim Yoon Kyu Park
Eun Ae Park Jong Sub Park Dong Hyuk Shin Doo Hee Woo
Hye Yun Woo Yoon Hee Lee Jae Min Lee Jong Hwa Lee
Chang Geun Lee Yoon Joo Jo Young June Choi Eun Sik Choi
Jong Ae Choi Sung Il Han Sung Hee Han Seung Ho Hwang
Yong Hee Kim Hyeop Kim Sun Young Moon Chang Ho Moon
Ji Gwang Park Se Jung Bae Myung Hee Song Dong Ik Shin
Jung Hee Yang Hyung Woo Oh Min Young Yoo Hyo Jung Yoon
Paul Eun Joo Hyun Lee Dae Seong Jung Nae Jin Cho
Soo Min Jo Young Hyun Cho Hyun Cheol Cho John Choi
Jeong Eun Choi Sun Pil Kang Si Gyun Kim Chang Mo Kim
Yang Soo Jang Lark Mi Jung Mi Gyeong Kim Min Joo Kim
A Lim Kim Jun Geun Kim Jin Seop Kim Hyun Soo Kim
Hui Su Kim Min Wook Bak Hyeong Min Park Seon Yong Shin
Yoon Ju Yang Ga Ram Lee So Ri Lee Soo Jung Lee
Seung Hoon Lee Joo Hyeong Lee Chang Ik Lee Woon Kyung Jang
Hyi Su Han Jae Kyung Hong Sang Gun Kim Seok Geun Kim
Seon Hui Kim Nathan Kim Yeong Uk Kim Yong Hyeon Kim
Yun Ki Kim Hyeon Ju Kim Hyung Nam Kim Hye Ryeong Kim
Heung Su Kim Hee Jeon Kim Hae Won Park Gyeong Seon Seo
Won Seon Seo Hee Seok Suh Yong Ran Song Dong Hoon Shin
Chang Min Shin Jun Hwan An Hye Sung An Dae Hoon Yang
Je Gyu Woo Byeong Gyun Yoo Seung Min Yoo Young Jin Yoo
Il Yong Yoon Dong Gu Lee Dong Gyu Lee Sang Jun Lee
Sang Hoon Lee Jung Hoon Lee Je Hun Lee Jun Haeng Lee
Hyun rae Lim Mi Hyun Jung Jae Hoon Jung Ha Bong Jung
Eul Ho Cho Tae Ik Choi Chang Won Ha Young Il Han
Gyu Yeon Ham Sun Ho Hwang Chang Shin Kang Hyun Uk Kim
Hyung Nam Kim Yoon Ha Bae Jun Woo Lee Jun Seon Choi
Chang Geun Choi Kwang Hyun Hong Hong Sik Kwon Dowan Kim
Jong Rye Kim Hyeong Uk Kim Hye Young Kim Do Yul Wang
Han Il Lee Woo Young Jung Young Il Jo Hang Dae Cho
Moon Bae Ju Kyung Jin Lee Oliver Brandenburg Wo Sung Sim
Sang Sun Yoo Dong Woo Lee Ha Neul Kim Heon Tae Cha


Lee Dong Gyu < Haevichi Hotel & Resort Jeju Manager >
I feel the reputation and status of KOREA WINE CHALLENGE in the world because of many participants from un-imported high quality wines.
Lee Seung Hoon < Vinafo Owner Sommelier >
KOREA WINE CHALLENGE provides the guidelines for consumers to select the wines. Also, it can help the un-imported wines to enter the korean market.
Jung Ha Bong < JW Marriott Hotel Chief Sommelier >
KOREA WINE CHALLENGE has important meanings that the korean directly select the best wines that are distributed or will be distributed in korean market for the korean consumers.
Evan Goldstein < U.S. Master Sommelier >
From my understanding, this KWC is the most respected arbiter of taste in korea. The professionalism and skill under which the KWC is held annually reaffitms this positioning to me.
Denis Gastin < International Wine Journalist And Wine Consultant >
I firmly believe that the KWC has made a solid contribution to this process of evolution by giving consumers and the wine trade carefully considered evaluations and rankings of the wines that are seeking to enter the market or are currently available within the market.


The judgement sheet for KOREA WINE CHALLENGE is based on the rating system developed by the Association of Italian Sommeliers[AIS] and adapted to condition-in korea.

Evaluation - The weighting would be given to 4 quality categories in judging a wine.
Color and Appearance 6 points
Aroma and Bouquet 12 points
Flavor and Finish 20 points
Harmony and Balance 12 points
Basic Point 50 points (for the consideration of producing the wine and delivering it for the competition)
Total Point 100 points
※ The wines are to be assigned a score for quality and value on a blind-tasting bases.

Sample Evaluation Form