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KWC selects the best wines for the Korean palate

The first KOREA WINE CHALLENGE (KWC) was held in 2005, marking the 18th anniversary. Wine Review has been hosting and promoting this international competition, leading the development of wine culture in Korea. KWC has the slogan of ‘Selecting the best-quality wines for the Korean palate to introduce the most trustworthy wines to customers. ‘ KWC has dedicated efforts to developing the Korean wine market over the past 17 years.

The 17th KWC made the best record for the most wines from the most countries ever participating in the event. A total of 888wines from 21 countries were exhibited, making the event more abundant than any other year. It means that the Korean domestic wine market is developing quickly, and the demand for wine by domestic consumers is increasing remarkably. Participation from various countries such as Hungary, Georgia, Romania, Bulgaria, Israel, Lebanon, and South Africa is notable. It was possible to confirm the international reputation of KWC, which is the number one consideration when entering the Korean wine market.

KWC remains fully operational this year, and the registration starts on March 1st, 2022. Before the competition begins, all participants must submit the entry samples. The delivery deadline for wine samples is June 10th, 2022. And the preliminary round is from June 20th. We will select good wines from among the wines submitted through the Final round for 4days from the 27th of June. The judges for the KWC consist of wine experts and incumbent sommeliers who communicate closely with the public. Forty-nine judges were present at KWC2021 to conduct a rigorous and fair judgment. We are confident that we will complete this highly publicized international competition because we strictly enforce the criteria and regulations of the judges for reasonable judgment.

All wines are evaluated 100% blind tasting without price or producer information provided. All of the wines submitted to this competition are pre-classified by wine categories, country, region, grape varieties so that the wine experts can judge similar wines together. Objective scores are given to each table centering on the leader. Whenever having a different opinion, the leader leads a free discussion atmosphere and coordinates the team members’ differences. The competition adopted a 100-point scoring system. Judges give a default score of 50 points to all wines entering the contest as a courtesy for the effort of sending a bottle of wine for the competition. The remaining 50 points are allocated strictly and fairly in the following categories; 6 points for the ‘color and appearance,’ 12 points for ‘aroma and bouquet,’ 20 points for ‘flavor and finish,’ and 12 points for ‘harmony and balance.’ KWC’s ‘Trophy’, the best award for each wine type, is given to a total of 6 categories: red wine, white wine, sparkling wine, rosé wine, sweet wine, and fortified wine. And for wines from 10 countries that have received a high score (94 points or more) at the trophy level, ‘Best of Country’ is awarded. All results will be published on the official KWC website, allowing importers and wine consumers to search for the award wines easily.

Since the competition is under such fair regulations, wines verified through KWC can be a good guide for Korean consumers to choose wines in the Korean wine market. One of the essential purposes of the KWC International Wine Competition is that we prove wines whose quality and value through the event. And widely recognized by Korean importers and distributors, and ultimately to realize distribution in the Korean market. It is precisely in line with overseas wineries exhibiting at KWC to promote their wines abroad to Korea. To win a prize at KWC is because it has a significant meaning as an attractive wine that suits the taste of Korean consumers. We are sure that new wines that appeal to Koreans will be announced effectively through KWC2022. A good opportunity will be created for those wines to be consumed by Koreans. We sincerely hope that you exhibit outstanding wines at KWC this year. Then that proven wines that suit the taste of Koreans can help broaden the horizon in the Korean wine market.