France Bordeaux Red WineBOR

France Pinot NoirFPN

France Rhône Style WineFRH

France Languedoc Red WineFLD

France Southwest Red WineFSW

France Blended Red WineFMVR

France ChampagneFCHAM

France ChardonnayFCH

France Sauvignon BlancFSB

France White WineFWH

Italy Sangiovese Based WineITSVB

Italy Corvina Based WineITCVR

Italy Barbera Based WineITBB

Italy NebbioloITNV

Italy Nero d'Avola Based WineITNDV

Italy Primitivo Based WineITPR

Italy Mono Grape Red WineITETCR

Italy Blended Red WineITMVR

Italy Moscato d'AstiITMDA

Italy ProseccoITSPRP

Italy White WineIWH

Spain Tempranillo Based WineSTEMP

Spain La Mancha Red WineSLMR

Spain Blended Red WineSMVR

Spain CavaSCV

Spain White WineSWH

Portugal Red WinePTR

Portugal White WinePTWH

Germany RieslingGERIS

Israel Red WineISR

Israel White WineISWH

Greece Red WineGRR

Greece White WineGRWH

Georgia Red WineGGAR

Georgia White WineGGAW

Old World White WineOWH

Old World Mono Grape Red WineOWMG

Old World Blended Red WineOWMVR

Old World Sparkling WineOWSPK

Old World Sweet Red WineOWSWTR

Old World Sweet White WineOWSWTW

Old World Sweet White (more than 46g/L)OWSWTW2


Argentina Cabernet Sauvignon Based WineAGCS

Argentina Malbec Based WineAGMB

Argentina Mendoza MalbecAGMDZ

Argentina Blended Red WineAGMVR

Australia Cabernet Sauvignon Based WineACS

Australia Cabernet-ShirazAUCSH

Australia Shiraz Based WineASH

Australia Pinot NoirAPN

Australia ChardonnayACH

Australia White Wine (except for Chardonnay)AWH

Chile Cabernet Sauvignon Based WineCCS

Chile Carmenere Based WineCCM

Chile Pinot NoirCPN

Chile Syrah Based WineCSH

Chile Blended Red WineCMVR

Chile ChardonnayCCH

Chile White Wine (except for Chardonnay)CWH

USA Cabernet Sauvignon Based WineUSCS

USA Pinot NoirUSPN

USA Blended Red WineUSMVR

USA ChardonnayUSCH

USA White WineUSWH

New Zealand Sauvignon BlancNZSB

New Zealand Pinot NoirNZPN

Canada IcewineCICE

New World ChardonnayNCH

New World White Wine (except for Chardonnay)NWH

New World Mono Grape Red WineNWMG

New World Blended Red WineNWMVR

New World Sparkling WineNWSPK

New World Sweet Red WineNWSWTR

New World Sweet White WineNWSWTW

New World Sweet White (more than 46g/L)NWSWTW2

Other Wines

Dry Rose WineROSED

Sweet Rose WineROSES

Fortified WineFORT

Natural Red WineNATR

Natural White WineNATW

Orange WineORG

How we defined categories

  • Exhibited wines are categorized and tasted during the event. The categories are based on the country of origin, style, grape variety, and region. The KWC Administration further categorizes them into young and aged wines or by maturation method depending on the exhibit situation.
  • When filling out the entry form, choosing the correct category for your wine is crucial to ensure that it is grouped correctly and evaluated based on its unique characteristics.
  • In response to the 2022 entry status, we added some new wine production regions to be further divided this year. In 2022, we introduced the natural wine category, and in 2023, we added orange wine as a new category. The categories may change again next year based on the entries received this year.