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Where to meet KWC judges and award-winning wines

2022-10-03 10:26

When the Korea Wine Challenge (hereinafter referred to as KWC) was in full swing in June, Choi Hoon, the publisher of this paper, asked the KWC judges to do so. In short, it was about actively entering KWC-winning wines from companies where KWC judges are working or operate. It was the request of Choi Hoon, the publisher of this magazine, who thought that if the list selected by Korea's most powerful wine experts was used in his business, it could further contribute to the fundamental purpose of the KWC and the development of domestic wine culture. There is a best example, so I introduce it. Kim Si-bo Sommelier's wine outlet La Mar, which participated in the preliminary and final rounds without skipping a day during KWC 2022, sells 30 kinds of KWC 2022 prize-winning wines.